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Feedback Loops

As I write this, we sit just 48 hours away from the beginning of the Trump presidency. So much has been (and will be) written about this era that it's tempting to sit it out in terms of offering a prediction about how it will unfold, but here I go anyway.

The best way to view what's about to happen is to see it in terms of feedback loops. This won't be so much a "presidency" as it will be a stress test on democracy—from which we will either survive or split apart into separate nation states. In the end, I do believe that we will survive this era, but I also think that it will bring this country closer to a true state of chaos than I've seen in my lifetime.

Here are the three biggest feedback loops that we have already entered, but that will now accelerate incredibly quickly.

Feedback Loop #1: "Violence & 'Law & Order'"

Borrowing from Nixon, the soon-to-be-president has branded himself as "the law and order president." The fe…

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