Thursday, July 30, 2009

LangAlert: "Lead-Nurturing"

Spotted in an e-newsletter:

Jumpstart Your Lead-Management Program
A practical and affordable plan to jumpstart your lead-nurturing program in 7-10 days!

(Wow, I didn't know leads were so sensitive. Does this include the Glengarry leads?)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Plea from a Friend

I just received this story from a friend and former colleague. Stories like this prove how inexplicably immoral our health insurance system is. Some things work better under a profit motive; others don't. Do we care more about people being healthy, or about the sacred value of being able to make a buck? Time to decide which is more "American," people.

As a wise man once said, it's time for this country to get patriotic about something other than war.

P.S. The message below is from a Republican.

* * *

Subject: Can you help?

As much as you are able, I would be so grateful for any publicity or media coverage you might generate on behalf of a friend, Linda Fields - whose sister needs long term care insurance. Any health care reform package must take this into account - and here's the reason why. Linda's story:

Linda's sister, an art teacher in Baltimore was nearly eligible for her full pension when a catastrophic illness put her in a wheelchair. She now sits at home a paraplegic (nearly quadriplegic since she has limited use of her hands), depressed and feeling abandoned by our health care system. She, like more than 10-million other Americans, needs help at home. Her doctor prescribed it. But to my horror, her insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield (ironically, "CareFirst" in Maryland) feels that despite her spinal cord disease, a rectal prolapse which could cause her to hemorrhage, and an impacted colon which needs cleaning daily, she does not require skilled nursing and therefore is not covered. Her case manager at Blue Cross insists the decision is irrevocable and cannot be appealed since "custodial care is all that is required". Her husband cannot do it, so she is expected to find help on her own --- if she can afford it. She cannot.

As congress considers the daunting task of reforming our nation's health care system --I cannot help but wonder if there will be any consideration for the growing number of Americans who need long-term care. The only recourse is to be wealthy (or lucky enough to be among the small minority who have an expensive long-term care policy) or be destitute, in a nursing home as a ward of the state.

Why are the long-term needs of so many ignored? Our nation's population is aging and our politicians are near-sighted!!! This needs to be examined. Howard Gleckman at the Urban Institute would make a great interview -- and Linda's sister would, too.

Veni Vidi Vici

Pandora is a great thing. When I'm in a good mood and having a light day as a self-employed-in-a-recession Limited Liability Crackpot, I play Cheap Trick Radio. When I'm feeling a little more serious, I play Wilco Radio. When I need to give things some deep attention, I play Miles Davis Radio. When I'm crazed with work and trying to meet 10 deadlines in two hours, I play Mozart Radio. And when I'm on the verge of suicide, I play Gregorian Chant Radio.

Current Selection: Magnificat 6 in Tones 6 & 1 by the Tallis Scholars.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pacific NW Music Video

Tough to get it all in 4 minutes, but here it is to the tuneful strummings of the 5 o'Clock Shadows...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Son Is Not Normal

Even on vacation.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The adventure has begun


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Wing

We once belonged to a bird
Who cast a shadow on this world
You were a blessing, and I was a curse
I did my best not to make things worse
For you
It isn't true

I always knew this would be our fate
This is what happens when wings separate
This happens to all dead weight eventually

We may as well be made of stone
We can't be flown
One wing will never fly
Neither yours nor mine
I fear
We can only wave goodbye

One wing will never ever fly
Neither yours nor mine
One wing will never ever fly, dear
Neither yours nor mine
I fear
We can only wave goodbye

Bye bye

- Jeff Tweedy

Friday, July 3, 2009

James' 6th Birthday Music Video (2 Months Late...)

Due to YouTube's new rules on copyrighted music, I had to go with a safe choice. If you're wondering, it's "Kasfiki" by the long-defunct but awesome Providence, RI band Why The Fish. (The keyboardist is my long-time friend John Spencer, now a leading learning and development guru at the University of Iowa and the Delta Center, which is a Conk Creative client. See how this works?)