Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

As if the world needed any more proof that conservative politicians and pundits are institutionally neurotic on the subject of sex, enter Katherine Kersten (again). In her column today, "Forget Football, U's SHADEy Condom Brings Home the Big Prize," Kersten actually makes the argument that we should care more about football than about unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

What's her beef? The University of Minnesota was named by Trojan as the number one university for sexual health. The entire column is written with a cheeky sarcasm, ending with this amazing line:

"...[W]e can quit losing sleep over football polls and U.S. News and World Report academic rankings. Who needs them when you’re No. 1 for something with the word sex in it?"

Ladies and gentlemen, this says everything you need to know about the profound irrationality of today's "social conservatives." Anything with the word "sex" in it is bad. Even "sexual health." Think about that for a minute.

This is the group that to this day cares more about fellatio in the Oval Office than dead babies in Baghdad and Darfur. This is the group that drones on about homosexuality while never saying a word about rape and spousal abuse. This is the group that insists on a Designer but rejects the design. This is the group that covers the breasts on a statue. This is the group that thinks sexual preference, rather than consent, is the moral dividing line on marriage. This is the group that passionately wants to eliminate abortion, yet opposes every tactic that actually reduces it.

This is the group that thinks anything is bad if it "has the word sex in it." It's time to grow up, people. Put a condom on it.


Anonymous said…
Yay! Ice baby, ice...love it.

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