Feel the Love

Approximately 48 hours ago, Anne and I were taking in the salty air on a sailboat ride on the Atlantic Ocean, just outside Nantucket Bay. Today, I came back to work and found my entire office shrinkwrapped.

This was no ordinary Saran Wrap job, mind you. This was careful, thorough and creative. The door, yes. The entire desk, of course. But also each lamp, the phone, the little thingy my laptop sits on, my keyboard, the cord coming from my keyboard.

Plus, my New Yorker calendar, the multiplug on the floor, the light switches... that's right... SWITCHES. My guitar, my racquetball racket, the heating duct above my desk, each and every family photo on my window sills, and even parts of the tree growing in my office.

All of this was so impressive that I didn't even touch it for several hours, choosing to work on the floor rather than disrupt this piece of art. Then I finally realized that I at least had to unwrap my phone. I tore the plastic up, wadded it into a ball and threw it in my trash can. Only to see it bounce off.

Yup, they got that, too.


Anonymous said…
Nice. Never underestimate the productivity and ingenuity of the American office worker.

Hey, did you hear Ray Davies has yet another solo shot coming out this month? (http://whykinks.net/air/airstart.htm)

If you click a link and register with the Times of UK by Oct 21, you can download a free new song "Vietnam Cowboy."
Mike said…
Sweet. It IS art. Office art. By office art--workers.
fab4fan said…
And how appropriate for someone concerned about the environment. How many years for all that wasted plastic to break down?

I think it's time to get even by employing the stapler-in-Jello trick. There are actually instructions on the website for "The Office."
Scott said…
I keep turning it over in my mind... who would do that? The cast of characters is obviously known to me... but in a case like this, who are the usual suspects?


More importantly, what's the response? One cannot merely chuckle and brush this off. In a case like this, unnecessary escalation and an immediate retaliatory strike are moral imperatives.
Anonymous said…
"The guitar"?!?! The bastards!
Marc Conklin said…
When the lead singer of one of my old bands played a prank on me, he paid dearly (in fact, I shouldn't have messed with him because he was bipolar and off his lithium). As the cliche goes, revenge is a dish best served cold.

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