Mojo Risin'

We interrupt this thlog to bring you a promotional plug for my agency.

ASI always does something creative for the holidays, and this year it's a song, music video and five-minute film called "Santa Lost His Mojo." It's about how ASI saved Christmas. We are an egoless agency.

I play two roles: the agency branding guy trying to be diplomatic with a surly, gin-swilling Santa (in the movie), and (in the music video) the creepy guitarist with arrows Sharpied onto his face who thinks he's in a real rock 'n' roll band.

If you hate it, I had nothing to do with it. If you like it, I'll tell you I had everything to do with it. If you can pick out the classic rock allusion in my guitar solo during the "mojo risin' part," I'll give you 100 points.

To watch it all, click here.


Mike said…
Good to see it back! LOL. Best to everyone at ASI.

I'll collect that 100 pts. after the holidays:

Page solo, "Whole Lotta Love" Led Zep.

cheers, MM
Marc Conklin said…
400 views on day one, not bad!
Anonymous said…
Just goes to show you people'll watch anything on Youtoob!
Vegas Gopher said…
Very nice -- your talents are being well served at ASI. But how's the coffee?
Marc Conklin said…
Coffee is only average. I'm now addicted to Kopplin's near Cretin Durham... worked there this morning. And they play lots of Kinks and Hangups on the sound system.
mike said…
Wanted to point out something in your post that could be fodder for the next LangAlert: "Sharpied" as a verb. Like "Xeroxed" we of course know what you mean, but what will people in 500 years think of that?

"Of course the author made a typographical error and meant to say 'sharpened.'" --Linguistic anthropologist, Jan. 2508
The Wordman said…
the film "Gettysburg" called, they want their beards back.

or, in other words, great spot, my only complaint being that everyone seems to be challenged in the facial hair dept. (how long did that Sharpie last on your mug?)


p.s., Andrew owes me some sweet kickback for "spreading the love" and getting people hooked on his bean-juice.


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