Rake R.I.P.

Alas, the Twin Cities' best remaining magazine is no more. In a completely self-serving tribute to The Rake, I give you the 10 Conk! comic strips that friend and illustrator Troy Brandt and I created for the first year of issues. (I guess we fancied ourselves a Midwestern New Yorker...)


m. f. said…
That was you?!?
I had no idea.
I contributed a coupla pieces to them back in that first year too. Ah, the heady early '00s.
Oh, and remember good ol' Hans Eisenbeis... Interesting how it's such a small step from journalistic integrity to shilling for Big Money corporations.

My take on the Rake's demise is it was always comforting to know the publication was out there. I hardly ever read it anymore, but it was comforting to know it was out there... And therein lay the problem...
mf. said…
P.S., Actually, the Rake abides... Just not in print, but in an (get this) online-only format. What are the odds?
Anonymous said…
bye bye shadowlands. waterboys right? wow you really are into all things irish. with a name like conklin and from minnesota. what's the connection?

just curious. i'm irish and in advertising and found you randomly. nice blog.
Marc Conklin said…
m.f., what is Hans Eisenbeis doing now?

anonymous: My Gaelophilia (there's a word for you) stems from a year spent studying in Maynooth. Long story, but I fell in love with the country, returned to work in Dublin the following summer, and then returned again years later to scale the Slieve League cliffs and propose to my wife. Despite being Scots, the Waterboys are the band that for me best embodied the spirit of the country as I felt it.
.mf said…
He went straight to the same Dark Side from which you just extricated yourself. And looks like the darkest of the dark side, Iconoculture.
Kristen Gill said…
Hi Mark,

Nice cartoons, Conk! Thanks for sharing.

From your Waterboys-lovin', Maynooth-livin', friend,


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