Holy Crap! (Part III)

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June 2007
Sept. 2007

I was sitting at the Dunn Brothers in the St. Anthony neighborhood (the one attached to the Finnish Bakery, to make it even more Minnesotan) on Monday, when an email came: "I would like to option your script, Deadbeat Boyfriend (sic)." More beautiful words have never been spoken.

An option simply means that someone is "renting" the rights to the screenplay for a finite period of time. After that time, they either decide it's viable and buy it outright, or the rights revert back to me.

This is still quite a distance from Diablo Cody-Land, believe me. But it feels good.


Vegas Gopher said…
Sweeeeet! Better get fitted for a new tux, so Melissa Rivers can yell "Marc! Who are you wearing?" on the red carpet next spring. Or more likely Spring 2010 -- let's not get ahead of ourselves.


Marc Conklin said…
I aspire to be yelled at by Melissa Rivers. What a thought...
Anonymous said…
awesome! Are three craps a charm?

Go forth and conquer.

Bee slippers
Mike said…
Congrats...well deserved for all the hard work you've put into DBB.
Dan Bailey said…
Congrats, Marc. Pretty awesome stuff.

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