Forced Hiatus

To the five people who actually read this blog:

Bye Bye Shadowlands is going on hiatus until the end of July. The reason: My Deadbeat Boyfriends screenplay now has an executive producer attached who wants to pitch it to the major studios. That all sounds great, except for one thing: He wants one more rewrite. Like, now.

It's a daunting task, but an offer I can't refuse. And realistically, the only way I can get it done is to remove all competition for my time. That's why I'm closing Conk Creative, sending my son to Mandarin Camp for two months and renting a room at the Holiday Inn Express in Chaska.

(I kid. I have a mortgage. I have a COBRA payment. I would never willingly go to Chaska.)

All I can realistically do is eliminate small distractions, and since writing BBS is just about my favorite thing to do, it's gotta go... mostly so I have more time to watch every Judd Apatow movie ever made.

See you in a month, by which time I should look something like this:


Mike said…
Or be PITCHING to Judd Apatow!

You're doing the smart thing... excellent use of time. The five or six folks will be here when you get back, all frenzied and frantic. (And maybe flush with cash.)

I have a new project too; will fill you in Thursday.

Congrats on the exec producer!
m. f. said…
cookielady said…
whoohoo! good luck, Writer.
Ted said…
Sounds great Marc. I have little doubt that somebody is gonna want to pick this up. It's got summer blockbuster written all over it. I am thinking Vince Vaughn.
Brian Larson said…
Congrats, Marc! Keep me posted. Man, I wish our 48 hr. Film Project was a 48 Day Film Project. Good times, strange people, bad music.

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