The rewrite is done. Time for some time-released pent-up opinions and observations.

What is a pimiento, really? And who the hell was the first person to think of stuffing it into an olive?

Prediction: There is a group of people somewhere in San Francisco getting set to perform as the first all-iPhone band. Oops, too late.

For the first time in memory, I'm actually dreading a Notre Dame football season.

Apparently, afros are scary, even in cartoons. My son loves the Curious George movie and a cartoon called Lil' Bill, created by Bill Cosby. All of the African and African-American males in those cartoons are bald. All of the females have straightened (usually braided) hair. Why?

Hilarious short skit (no, that's not Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar):

There are a shockingly large number of websites that offer hip-hop dictionaries and translations.

There are shockingly few hip hop terms for "prison."

"Who Killed the Electric Car" is a fascinating movie. Not because it features rich Hollywood celebrities mourning the confiscation their vehicles, but because it shows how an organization can create something successful, and then logically find it in its best interest to make it fail.

If you want a realistic taste of just how difficult it will be to change our energy infrastructure, see "Who Killed the Electric Car."

If you think that's an excuse for doing nothing about it, get real.

The only podcast truly worth your time is This American Life.

The #1 cable channel in terms of viewers is the USA Network. No opinion; just stating a fact.


Anonymous said…
curious... is your screenplay (deadbeat boyfriends) available anywhere to read?
my email: kellygarbo@aol.com
Marc Conklin said…
It's available on InkTip.com if you're registered with them, but that's it. It's actually under option right now, and I'm about to turn in the rewrite to that producer. You're a writer as well?

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