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I normally don't delve into sports on this blog for several reasons. One, at last count there were 1,083,221 sports blogs in the United States. Two, most people refuse to believe that I have an interest in the subject, which I try not to take as an assault on my manhood.

But rather than spout off every time I have something to say, I thought I'd just let it all out in one lightning round. Here goes.

- Charlie Weis can recruit, and that's it. He should be fired at the end of the season, no matter what happens.

- Notre Dame needs to do some serious soul-searching to figure out why the sport that subsidizes all others on campus is the only one not doing well (see: men's basketball, women's basketball, women's soccer, hockey, fencing...).

- Tim Brewster is a thinner Charlie Weis.

- This is the most exciting ND basketball team in my lifetime, and that dates back to Digger Phelps' best teams of the '70s. Regardless of what happens tonight against UNC, this team is one for the ages.

- You said "Tavaris Jackson." Survey says... no.

- You said "Brad Childress." Survey says... no.

- The three best live sporting events I've ever seen are: 1) the 1977 ND thumping of USC; 2) the Minnesota Kicks (of the ill-fated NASL) defeating the NY Cosmos 9-2 at Met Stadium in a driving rainstorm; 3) the Minnesota Twins' comeback this past season against the dreaded White Sox (before handing them the division title by choking against the Royals).

- Little-known fact: ND has not had a consistently good team since signing the NBC deal. Coincidence?

- Michael Floyd is the best receiver to ever wear an Irish uniform. He will transfer or go pro after next season.

- Current ND football players with Ryan Grant Syndrome (they look mediocre while at ND; they will do well in the NFL): Jimmy Clausen, the entire secondary, most of the offensive line.

- Lacrosse is actually a fun sport to watch.

- The Wild are riding a hot goaltender. This bubble too shall burst.

- The hapless Timberwolves are better than their record. Must be a coaching thing.

- Luke Harangody is Tim Kempton on steroids, cocaine and meth.


Vegas Gopher said…
I agree, Floyd is nice, but what about Golden Tate? Dude's a playmaker, period. And apparently a law has been passed stipulating that all football announcers must call him by his first and last name on every reference. I swear, I've listened to parts of about five Notre Dame games on the radio (they have their own network, just like on TV, and we have an affiliate here in Vegas), and every time the ball is thrown his way, Don Criqui calls him "Golden Tate." As in, "Clausen fires it over the middle, and Golden Tate makes a great catch. You won't see a better catch than the one Golden Tate just made. Golden Tate is faster than the speed of sound and more elusive than the secret to Paris Hilton's ongoing popularity. I shudder to think of where Notre Dame would be this year if not for Golden Tate."

I actually had to look him up on the internet to make sure that his name wasn't something like John Goldentate and I was missing the first-name reference.

Nice effort by the Irish tonight. I especially liked how they got their first first-down of the game on the final play of the third quarter. I liked that because I took USC and laid the 32 points.

I think the fact that Notre Dame was a 32-point underdog against anybody is evidence enough that Charlie Weiss should be fired.
Marc Conklin said…
Golden Tate is good, but Floyd is at least twice is good--and, unlike Tate, actually built like a receiver. I hate short wide receivers.

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