The Most Addictive Substance On Earth

Scholars throughout the centuries have debated which is the most addictive substance known to man. Or, at least they've done so for the purpose of me starting this post using a somewhat erudite tone.

The ancient Persians (and their modern-day Iranian ancestors) both feared and revered opium. Afghani scholars and dead rock stars cast their vote for that poppy paradise called heroin. Colombian harvesters lobby for cocaine, while their clever refiners abroad point to the superior addictive qualities of crack. Meanwhile, Wasillians cry for methamphetamine, while many other researchers put a spotlight on two of the only legal drugs in most societies: alcohol and cigarettes.

Balderdash, I say. You're all wrong.

Speaking as someone who has(n't) ingested all of these illegal substances, I say the answer is clear. For my money, the most addictive substance ever devised by humanity is Sesame Blues corn chips from the Garden of Eatin'.

Stop me when I'm lyin'.


Anonymous said…
aint nothing like a pinch between your cheek and gum.
Lead Singer
Marc Conklin said…
Except for the first time you do it, and nearly throw up in your friend's Honda Civic...
Anonymous said…
I like to smoke 'em!
Anonymous said…
OMG!! I thought this was my little secret (daddy's little helper?!) amen, brutha. Couldn't agree more.

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Anonymous said…
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