No Fly Zone Friday #5

Very scattered No Fly Zone today. In a way, going to the Screenwriters Conference at Santa Fe (which I do next week) is a week-long No Fly Zone, so I wasn't very disciplined about this one.

The day started with a work out (?!), followed by a visit to James' school to see students present some of their work. James was in a research group that developed books on the topic of their choice, and he chose Komodo dragons. The book was quite long and extensive, complete with at least six chapters that the young researcher read out loud. Yes, I couldn't have been more proud.

That was followed by an activity more typical for the stereotype that I am: drinking premium coffee at a snobby coffee shop while reading Tolstoy. That's not a joke; I've really been enjoying Anna Karenina, and I'm bound and determined to get through all 800 pages (350 to go). Those Russians just get to me; don't know why.

Next I was hit with some actual work. Blasphemy. And now I get a couple of hours to work on TWIN CITIES, the new self-indulgent indie screenplay.

All in all, a fantastic day with picture-perfect weather, but not really in the NFZ spirit. Idea for next one, courtesy of Count Tolstoy: Visiting the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis.

Oh yes, and I uploaded this old college production:


Anonymous said…
I loved it. Ok, my kids have made some similar movies and I can feel the fun behind the production. Two seasons shows the dedication! The new flip cameras are fun and kid-friendly. I always wanted to make shorts, as a kid, but the technology was not as cheap as a an easy-bake oven. Whom, am kidding, I never received that damn easy bake oven either.

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