Intelligence vs. Masculinity Redux

Two months ago, I warned about the real culture war: Intelligence vs. Masculinity. I forgot to document how this theory was brilliantly demonstrated last week.

After Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican from my home state of Indiana whom I greatly respect, gave what a fellow Republican termed "one of the more thoughtful speeches I've heard in the Senate in a long time," House Minority Leader John Boehner proceeded to refer to Senate Republicans who have begun to favor a change in course in Iraq as “wimps.”

Mark Twain famously said that politics is the last refuge of a scoundrel. The real scoundrel is the schoolyard bully who reacts to indisputable facts by challenging the masculinity of the truth-teller.

In a related story, a Brit swam the North Pole on Sunday.


You're from Indiana, too?! As Johnny Carson used to say, "I did not know that."
And he was from Nebraska.
The Wordman said…
the mysterious Mr. Grant reveals a piece of his biography...

my great-grandparents come from an area near Muncie. and I still wear a cotton shirt I bought for $5 at a truck stop near South Bend.

other than that, no IN connection here.
Marc Conklin said…
South Bend, in the shadow of the Golden Dome. Maupin, you knew that. You just forgot.
The Wordman said…
by the way, you're dead-on re: the Masculinity issue in politics.
I guess I'm geo-ignorant. I think South Bend, I think Chicago. Muncie, Terre Haute, different kettle o' fish.
Marc Conklin said…
True, after being a Minnesota fan, all my loyalties went to Chicago. The Colts? Fuggedaboutit. South Bend is part of "Michiana." It doesn't know if it's Notre Dame, Chicago, Michigan or Indiana.
Anonymous said…
Dude! Check out (for real). You'll plotz.

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