LangAlert: Redundonyms

Redundonyms (a term I've invented to refer to acronyms followed by the word already represented by their last letter) have been around for years, but lately they've been proliferating faster than swine flu. Here's my running list... I encourage additions via comments.

ATM Machine
IRA Account
HSA Account
MLB Baseball
GPS System
HLN News (CNN)


Matt said…
TCBY Yogurt
Anonymous said…
GPS actually stand for global positioning satelite "system" so you are wrong.

Good day sir!
Anonymous said…
I guess except for wikipedia... My apologies
fab4fan said…
PIN number!
Vegas Gopher said…
Yes, you have to use your PIN number at the ATM machine!

Also, back in the 80s Vikings coach Jerry Burns used to refer to his star receiver "A.C. Carter." I don't know if Anthony Carter's middle name started with a C, but everybody else called him AC, period.

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