Does This Work on You?

There are moments when I actually think that maybe my 22 years of education do have relevance in my work life. After all, I spend most of my time writing. I've had the opportunity to use a liberal studies background to promote a liberal studies masters program. And lately, I've been able to play a poor man's Christopher Guest and produce mockumentary videos for clients.

But then I go to and see the banner ad above, and all my thinking about the state of 21st century communication, the graphics on the evolution of "brand" that I throw out at meetings, my careful thoughts on how to keep the high school yearbook relevant in the era of Facebook... fly into the irrelevance void, because THIS is what actually works on people.

What I don't understood--and I remember starting to feel this way sometime in the 80s when Budweiser launched its Spuds McKenzie campaign--is how I can't seem to convince a drowning man to put on a life jacket, while apparently other people can sit in a meeting with people who make 10 times their annual salaries and blow them away with, "Okay, here it is... a man and woman with really big heads!"

Wait a minute, less than $1,498 a month?


The Wordman said…
bad design for a craptastic culture. how do they track sales based on some of these awful web ads? (and I wonder if the companies that pump out these dogs out are hiring...)
Anonymous said…
The secret? Simple. Aim low and promise free money (and if you can throw in sex it's a lock).
Stop and think the way "normal" people react to anything "odd"--embarrassed giggles and squeals: "look at that! Big heads! And a half mil on a house for only $1400? I'm in! Duh!"

However, I'm always encouraged when I see how many people on the light rail are reading--all kinds of books, magazines, newspapers--this is a reader's town and that's great.

To paraphrase Christ: "There will always be stupid people."
aunt christy said…
I scanned that and thought: "It's an ad about mortgages and their heads are exploding. Makes sense."

Then I realized you can finance a $500,000 house in Minnesota for half what I pay in rent for a Manhattan studio...and then my head exploded.
Bellamy Grant said…
"From the land of sky blue waters!" Come on, move to flyover land. The Hamm's bear is always right.
aunt christy said…
But there's mosquitos. And people who only jog one way around Lake Harriet BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE SIGNS SAY.

And no one to deliver beer to my apartment at 2 AM.


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