Hillary Finally Gets My Attention

I feel like the only person in America who doesn't have strong feelings about Hillary Clinton. "Ambivalent" is the word. Does she inspire me? No. From what I've seen so far, she's one of the yawniest public speakers in political history. But do I hate her? No, there isn't enough of a presence to either like or dislike. I've enjoyed asking both fans and haters to explain the reasoning behind their feelings, and they're never able to do it. Haters (especially women, ironically enough) resort to obvious sexist double standards in talking about her "coldness" or "ambition"... traits many of them admire in Dick Cheney.

But then I saw this, and I have to admit, it got me. You go... uh, girl.

P.S. I take it all back... the winning song is by Celine Dion. Okay, I still like Joe Biden way better.


The Wordman said…
intellectual plagiarism. still, it's cute. on the other hand... Celine Dion??

Maureen Dowd has a typically snarky column in the NYT today on this vid:

Hillary doesn't do a thing for me -- too inside, too mealy-mouthed. I am waiting for the Democrat who will not flinch at an opportunity to rip the throat out of Karl Rove (or one of his minions) with his/her teeth and do the banana dance on his rapidly exsanguinating corpse before a live Town Hall audience.

but I'm old-fashioned that way.
Anonymous said…
Re: the wordman: it would be impossible to exsanguinate Karl Rove since no blood runs through his veins.
So anonymous, so true.

Yeah, hardy-har har. But it held my interest, even though I never saw The Sopranos finale.

Barak Obama, baby.
aunt christy said…
It it a testament to the abosolute un-likeability of Chillary that that clip is stiff as a board. ANYONE else would have killed it. Every time she croaks out a line, I can practically hear the producer thinking "Jesus, can't she use her bedroom voice or something? Oh wait..."

I get the chills when she says to Bill (about the carrot sticks)-- "I'm looking out for you" I sure he shivered, checked his back, and then beat a path straight back to his mistress in Harlem.
Bellamy Grant said…
Hey, at least she did it. Her performance is pure titanium, for sure, but there is one moment she nails... her reaction shot to the Sopranos guys staring at her.

Joe Biden would have nailed it.
Should've been Liberman walking by. THAT would've been hilarious. Yes she's certainly comfortable in front of the camera, isn't she? Ahem.

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