Getting Conked: Part II

[For the previous post on what it means to get "Conked," click here.]

So I quit my job the other day. I mean, I "resigned my position." I knew it was coming, it just all came together faster than I expected. By about 16 months.

And it's cool. I mean, I always knew that eventually, to avoid midlife crisis, I would have to work for myself in some way. I had hoped that a magical production company would swoop in from Magic Land and option my magical screenplay providing me some kind of magical bridge to the other side... and that could still happen... but, what's the phrase... "hope is not a strategy"?

So I decide to start my own little business. Nothing big, probably a sole proprietorship. Some umbrella under which I can do my marketing thing, write freelance articles, do more screenplays or TV pilots. What name do I want for myself in this entrepreneurial, now-no-longer-hypothetical universe? It comes to me immediately: Conk Creative.

It's got alliteration. It has a chunk of my surname next to word that doubles as an adjective to describe me and, in the agency world, a noun for what I do. Fantastic! So I go to Verio to reserve the domain.


And not just taken, but by this outfit, which has one of the coolest websites I've ever seen.

What do you call it when you get Conked even on your attempt use the word "Conk"? Mirrors upon Malkovich mirrors appear in my head...

P.S. Also taken.


Anonymous said…
holy moly....the ULTIMATE Conk! I gotta lay down...all dizzy in the head and I'm feeling blue...the things you've said, well, maybe they're true...I'm gettin' funny dreams again and again...I know what it means, but...

Sympathies, though. It's TOUGH to name a biz. And to score an untaken domain! Sha!
Anonymous said…
I think you should team up w/a guy named Ed and a guy named Lee and become Marc-ed-lee I'm pretty sure that one's not taken.
michael f. said…
You strategy was flawed. "Creative" is probably the most (wishfully) overused word in the American vernacular. Now, "Conk Competent" or "Conk Capable" or "Conk Consummate" would have worked—as they'd've been unique and available. And they probably would've been more true too. Not to discount your skills, but can everyone who makes the “creative” claim actually be so? (I see scant sign of it in this country.)
The Wordman said…

Con Queso Creative


Conk Is So Creative

(also -- or especially? -- plays with the Hispanic community. or the cheese-eating community.)



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