Ironic, or Just Stupid?

Note the bumper sticker farthest left. Then note the kind of car it's sticking on.

At first, I thought this was just a case of Whole Foods Irony, but that kind of "cleverer than thou" attitude is way more Uptown/Minneapolis than Mac Groveland/St. Paul. Now, however, the more I consider the full array of adornments on the back of this Dodge Caravan, what I see is this: A marriage in crisis.

About five years ago, I published a photo essay in The Rake about how Minnesotans argue with each other via bumper stickers. The phenomenon peaked in 2003 with The Wellstone Wars:

"Wellstone Lives!"
"Wellstone's Dead. Get over it."
"What would Wellstone do?"
"Who cares what Wellstone would do?"

Perhaps this uniquely Minnesota trait has found a new manifestation... as the only way Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus couples can express their differences without talking to each other.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm ... you may be on to something. The Home Depot, Vikings and mini-van stickers clearly belong to hubby, while wife is feeling repressed by all the testosterone and needs to assert that carting kids around in the mini-van all day is indeed work, even though it doesn't pay (and I'm NOT disagreeing with her).

Let's see, on our car the squabble would be ... oh, wait, my spouse and I already agree on everything. How boring.

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