This Is How Movies Get Made

As a way of marketing my current screenplay (without living in L.A. or knowing anybody in the biz), it's available to production and talent agencies on a nice online service called InkTip. Once in a while, the service will send an e-newsletter to subscribers that includes specific requests from smaller production companies. If you've ever wondered how movies get made... well, the real answer is that every movie is developed differently. There is no formula.

But for those of you who think that movies come from ordinary people writing scripts, and "Hollywood" going, "Hey, I like your script. Here's a million bucks." This is more true to life... and a bit depressing.

* * *

Company A

We are looking for completed, feature length drama or dramedy scripts that are very contained (take place in no more than 3 locations), and that involve a small cast (no more than five main characters).

* * *

Company B

We are seeking completed shorts (or features) about 4-wheelers or ATVs. Scripts can be comedy, drama, thriller or horror, but should involve a lot of 4-wheeling. We prefer shorts, but will consider doing a feature.

Very low budget.

* * *

Company C

We are seeking completed drama screenplays that must include or be based around a teen (or teens) committing suicide.


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Anonymous said…
Time to send out the bat signal to The Wordman for a quick 4-1-1. My guess is that a foreign spam robot has invaded BBS.

Regarding the actual substance of the current blog: Yeah, it is strange one out there. A feller could drive himself insane trying to crack the H-wood marketing code.

For me, the only balm is to write what makes you happy, declare victory, and live to fight another day (aka the "Nam" philo).

The Wordman said…
sorry, just catching up with y'all -- it's Portuguese (you can tell by the use of cedillas (ç) where in other romance languages you'd have -tion or -ce. below is the translation:

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now back to your regularly scheduled blog....


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