My Son Is Not Normal

My son is four. My son has invented a language he calls Zae-Zae. My son occasionally talks and sings in this language. My son is obsessed with sports. My son has filled out his March Madness brackets and is convinced that UNLV will win it all. My son recently created something called the Jumping Bowl (like the Super Bowl), which consists of him running from one end of the house to the other, naked, and jumping. My son knows which teams have the best records in the NHL and NBA, and can tell you their records. For fun, my son draws the logos of said teams, and then makes up his own teams (e.g., the San Diego Monkeys) and draws his own logos. For fun, my son also draws states and marks and writes where their capital cities are. If you ask my son to add a field goal, minus a touchdown, minus an extra point, plus a three-pointer, he will tell you that the answer is "one under zero." My son is not normal.


Mike said…
Where's our resident linguist, the Wordman, on the syntactic qualities of Zae-Zae (as James demonstrates in the song)?

If the verdict is "As a human language, its syntax is logical," then I'd concur that "your son is not normal."
Tyler said…
yeah, i'm pretty sure i heard a fart about 4 seconds in.

i'm also sure naked kids on the internet ain't legal.

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