A Brief Commercial Message

The Conk Creative website is now live. As they say on the interwebs, click here (and crank the speakers).


Scott said…
Since i know you won't accept anything resembling a compliment on your site, let me just say this.

Nice job. Way to use the Internet to it's fullest advanatage. You've taken the most dynamic, interactive and engaging medium ever developed... the only true audience-empowering communication tool designed for two-way dialogue... the most measurable segmentation tool ever conceived and used to make... a TV commercial.

Marc Conklin said…
"Its" shouldn't have an apostrophe.
Anonymous said…
Aside from the typo, I thought Scott made an astute point.
Marc Conklin said…
If this demands a serious response (which is not Malaprop's intent, trust me):

a) The web is good for two things: being interactive, and providing passive entertainment, just like TV. This is passive entertainment, because in this case, "being interactive" means "making people work." I don't think people want to work too hard to figure out what I do.

b) It links to the C2C blog, which allows for, and is intended for, interaction.

c) So far I've heard that if anything, it's engaging.

d) It's totally measurable. I see that close to 100 people have viewed the video so far, and only 95 of them have been me.

e) I always wanted to do a TV spot.
Scott said…
Its as though you anticipated everything. Its' an engaging video. I found it's content sticky enough to watch its throughout the end without it's becoming boring.

Actually nice job. I'm impressed.
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