Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Please see "My Best Friend's Girl," and please love it, and please tell all your friends about it. Why? Because the commercial appeal of my own screenplay hangs in the balance.

I was made aware of this movie almost a year ago--the same time I was made aware of its apparent similarities to mine. I went to the earliest possible showing today to check it out for myself. Here are the talking points:

- "My Best Friend's Girl" is destined to be the smash romantic comedy hit of the year.
- It has an original premise, plenty of raunch for the guys, and plenty of unexpected romance as well.
- If only there were a movie that took a high concept even higher, that centered on real wedding crashes, where it was the men being manipulated instead of the women, and that had a universal theme around the male's resistance to commitment.
- Oh, there is. It's called "Deadbeat Boyfriends."
- That movie should be made, because it would be the smash hit of next year, or the year after that... because the American public's appetite for this kind of movie is obviously insatiable.
- (Not to mention the huge potential foreign market...)

Got it?


Mike said…
Not to mention its overhead is in the sweet spot of less than double-digit mil to make, depending on whether Venice suddenly became...Toledo? Anywho, sure. If this does well, why wouldn't DBB? (Discounting the myriad other pieces of the equation: direction, production values, cast, soundtrack...)
Marc Conklin said…
A curious thing about "My Best Friend's Girl": It's obviously supposed to take place in New York, but some of the scenes are even more obviously NOT shot there.
Ted said…
I haven't even seen the movie and I already cannot stop signing its praises.
Marc Conklin said…
That's the spirit! You want more! Even though you haven't seen it, you already want to see another movie that's kind of like it but better!
Marc Conklin said…
Just looked up the location info. I wondered why everything looked more "Boston" than "NYC," especially there being so many churches and so few tall buildings. It was shot entirely in Massachusetts.
cookielady said…
I'm offended by your assumption that male viewers are the only ones looking for "plenty of raunch." Please tell me there's at least a healthy portion in DBB?
Marc Conklin said…
Plenty of raunch for the whole family!

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