Scratch That

Disregard the previous post. Things have changed. The aforementioned movie ("My Best Friend's Girl") did not do well at the box office in its opening weekend, and I suspect it might mark some kind of turning point in the "raunchy romantic comedy" trend. In that spirit, your talking points have now been revised:

- "My Best Friend's Girl" marks the end of the raunchy romantic comedy era.
- It's time to get back to basics.
- Plot conventions still work, but we need more heart.
- It's time to stop rooting for the Bad Boy and go back to rooting for the Underdog.
- It's time to stop making women look stupid and vacant and go back to making men look brainless and cowardly.
- It's time for Deadbeat Boyfriends.

Got it?


Mike said…
How about I just stand in one place and await further orders?


You know, one can literally go mad trying to gauge the vagaries of the movie business. Exercise caution entering those straits, Ulysses.
Marc Conklin said…
But Mike (wink wink), as you know, Deadbeat Boyfriends is such a multi-faceted script... perfectly written to stand on its own or give a director the flexibility to push it in exciting and dynamic directors... that it transcends the vagaries of the movie business. It is a theme so universal, you might call it "vagary-proof."
Mike said…
As long as the checks are "bounce-proof" (and the writer is happily working on his or her next "multifaceted script"), you're good.

DBB is delightful and you've worked very hard on it.
Ted said…
Where do I pick up my new sandwich boards and que cards?
Marc Conklin said…
At the next showing of "My Best Friends Girl."

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