Palin in Comparison

This will be the last political post for a little while, but one final word before I turn to less abstract concerns, like the fact that I just watched my five-year old walk into a kindergarten class for the first time. (Yes, I was one of those obnoxious parents with a videocamera. Sue me. Look for the YouTube music video, coming soon.)

It's still hitting me every day how the choice of Sarah Palin for VP, her speech at the RNC and the words and actions of the party leaders and surrogates demand a complete reversal of what we've heard from the neocon wing of the Republican party over the last 10 years. If John Kerry was a flip flopper, then Sarah Palin is a Croc. Consider this:

- Bill Clinton was impeached because of a personal family matter (don't try to tell me it was really about lying under oath; we're not that naive). For Sarah Palin, personal family matters are off the table. (In fact, we've had to listen to the self-righteous Right go on a judgmental binge since Monica Lewinsky, only to see them look past such things with both members their own ticket. I say hallelujah, that's the way it should be, but what took you so long?)

- Barack Obama was the candidate of no experience. Now we're supposed to believe that experience doesn't matter... that being the governor of a tiny state whose issues and population have virtually nothing in common with the rest of the United States is a higher qualification for office than being a U.S. Senator.

- Sarah Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it. And now we're supposed to believe that she's a resolute, tough-minded reformer. (P.S. She never gave back the money. She never gave back the money. She never gave back the money.)

- We're supposed to ignore the irony of a former beauty queen accusing the Democratic nominee of vanity.

- We're supposed to scoff at Obama's "celebrity" based only on "his ability to give a good speech." Palin is now an overnight celebrity based on her ability to give a good speech.

- We're supposed to love the fact that Palin doesn't present herself as a "victim," yet all her surrogates have done since the announcement of her candidacy is paint her as a victim of the media. (Speaking of that, we were supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton was a whiner for complaining about double standards in her media coverage, but that with Sarah Palin, the claim is justified.)

- After claiming for years that the left engages in "class warfare," we're supposed to engage in "culture warfare," believing that Sarah Palin is an authentic person because she hunts moose, while Barack Obama is an elitist because (gasp!) he lives in a city and went to Harvard Law School.

- We're supposed to value putting country first and serving our fellow Americans, just not as a community organizer.

- We're supposed to believe in the benefits of hard work and upward mobility, but not when it comes to a mixed-race person of modest means earning an Ivy League education, serving on the Harvard Law Review, then, in his first run for the presidency, running a campaign that defeats arguably the biggest machine the Democratic party has ever known. (That latter achievement alone is, to me, far more impressive than the ability to shoot a moose.)

P.S. She never gave back the money. She never gave back the money. She never gave back the money.


Ted said…
I just had one objection. Alaska isn't a small state in size or problems. Considering the fight for a balance to cover preservation of Natural resources and the gigantic oil field that the beauty is seated on has been a big one. There are a lot of difficult issues there. I don't find Sarah Palin a negative for the campaign but then again I don't hate Barack Obama or Joe Biden. I don't agree with them on everything but I definitely don't think they are going to feast on our young or something. It is so hard to stomack polotics when everyone seems to hate everyone. How about just voting for the person who you think will reflect your values and the things that you would like to see happen and not flinging mud and insults at everyone that is on the "other" side.

Sorry for the vent Marc but this whole thing is going to make me vomit.
Ted said…
Not your blog... the election process.
Marc Conklin said…
My comment about Alaska isn't saying the state doesn't have problems. It's just that it's so different from the rest of the country. The place is all about oil and natural gas. It's ethnically homogeneous. And, as friends of mine who live in Juneau point out, government services in Alaska are paid for by oil royalties. So you can't brag about "saving Alaskan taxpayers millions of dollars," because the only real Alaskan taxpayers are Exxon, Mobil and BP. Now, I'll try very hard to shut up and remember that I got the two candidates I wanted, and that I don't think we'll see two finer candidates again in our lifetimes.
Ted said…
On a somewhat related note, everyone is talking about change. We haven't had an attack on US soil since Sept 11th. I hope they don't change that! You may not agree with the war, most people don't but whatever they are doing to keep us safe at home I don't want to change.
Marc Conklin said…
I think bin Laden is a very patient planner, and his timing has nothing to do with our methods or elections. The thing that would make me feel safest is catching the bastard.
Anonymous said…
Ted said…
I agree that somebody should catch him. I sincerely hope that he never plans a sucessful attack again or that any individual dies from his actions.

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