Cattily Blogging the Palin Speech

It's not I-rack, it's i-ROCK.
She has an annoying voice, that's good.
A black person!
The youngest daughter is really cute.
Trigg? What is this, Narnia?
Your family has the same ups and downs as any other. If a Democratic family had the same situation, your party would be talking about their "failure of parenting" and the glories of abstinence.
Your husband is in a union! Hilarious!
It's "snowmobile," not snow machine. Isn't it?
She sounds like Marge from Fargo.
"They're always proud of America." Nice not-so-subtle dig.
Hockey mom. PTA. They hope "hockey mom" equates to "soccer mom."
Pit bull joke. Not bad. Good timing.
Your kids are publicly educated. Hilarious!
Our opponents look down on that experience? Who? Give me a break.
Community organizer line, give me a break. You wouldn't last two seconds on the South side of Chicago.
"John McCain is the same man." The one who hates Jerry Falwell or loved him?
"The Washington elite." Your running mate is a member of that elite. WTF?
Oooh, dig on the media. You're a white Christian American heterosexual victim.
You stood up to the oil companies? Doesn't your husband work for one?
You got rid of a luxury jet. I guess no more Air Force 2.
I'm sorry, bragging about reforms in Alaska just doesn't impress me.
The bridge to nowhere was an earmark from someone in your own party, no?
Nothing on the environment or climate change yet. Should I hold my breath?
i-RAHN, not I-RAN.
"We need to produce more of our own oil and gas." "We've got lots of both." That was a blisteringly ignorant statement.
Here comes the case for drilling...
Ah, finally some mention of non-fossil-fuel energy. Thank you.
Dig at Obama for authoring books and not bills. Good red meat.
Republicans are so fearless about the childish digs. Styrofoam Greek columns. Nice.
Here comes the "big government" fear-mongering.
No mention that Bin Laden hasn't been caught.
No mention of federal deficit.
No mention of Katrina.
Taxes. Taxes. Taxes.
No mention of the state of health insurance.
They really must have focus-grouped this "Obama is only about his career" thing. Are you doing this because you have no ego?
I wonder if she's ever been out of the country.
You sitting across from Putin... hmmm....
I love how when a black person wants the presidency, it's egotistical and "ambitious." But when you want it, it's not.
Green is not Cindy McCain's best color.
Not a great finish, kind of came out of nowhere.
I'm shocked that she didn't make a more direct pro-life statement.
She's great for the base. She's not for me.
The baby is really, really cute.
McCain's here. Just like what Obama did. Is that now mandatory?
I hate to just come out and say it, but with this crowd, "America" really is a euphemism for "land of white folk."
Here come the pundits. Ish.
Wow, they used to say the Democrats were the party of negativity and no ideas. What was that but a speech of sarcastic digs and no actual ideas?
This is clearly a person reared on talk radio as her primary source of information.
This is a person who screams the same toxic combination of "arrogance" and "ignorance." I don't really want four more years of that.


Anonymous said…

Why is the only emotion I feel toward the RNC hate? I wanted to just watch to see first hand what Palin had to say, but I couldn't take it (yes, you are a better man than I...perhaps I should try the running blog tonight). I'm beaten down by this crowd and can't stand what this country has become.

The moment when I most appreciated Obama's speech: when he mentioned guns and abortion and sought common, sane ground. Wow, that was something.

And now the Republicans are trying to throw us back into the mud-pit they so dearly love.

Feels like the fate of our country is on the line. Which way will America go?? Toward the future or the past? Not sure I can wait until November to find out.


Bee Slippers
Marc Conklin said…
Again, I go back to the neocon playbook. Everything is framed in the masculine, "tough" vs. "smart." My favorite line of the DNC was when Joe Biden pointed out that Pakistan and Afghanistan are the real central fronts of terrorism. Because it's true. Did anyone care or pick up on it? No, it fell completely flat. Because people don't really want the truth. It's easier to talk about styrofoam Greek columns and get cheap applause. (Then claim that you're the party of decorum and humility.)
P. lazarus said…
Great breakdown of PinHead ( Papa Bear O' Rielly's words on Fox for parents who don't supervise their children well enough to keep them virginal) Pallin's speech, which I wouldn't watch out of solidarity with sanity. Thanks for doing the dirty work for the rest of us! Patti
cookielady said…
The Palin choice reveals McCain's scornful view of his constituents. I can just hear the "Let's find someone more....white trash" discussion. And behold: our first family of low, that of Britney Spears, has already sent Palin's daughter a baby gift.

I can only imagine how badly Cindy McCain wanted to wash her hands after holding the littlest Palin.
Anonymous said…
At least you put "Cattily" in the title. Who are you, Keith Olbermann?
Marc Conklin said…
Again, why I like Joe Biden:
Bill Sheahan said…
At the risk of being vilified for bringing a touch of level-headedness to your bash-fest, any neutral observer has to conclude that Governor Palin's speech was, much like Senator Obama's last week, nearly perfect convention theatre. Conventions are not designed for nuance and convention speakers are not rewarded for their delicate analysis of complex issues. To criticize Governor Palin for using too blunt an instrument in her attacks betrays a gross misunderstanding of the point of this uniquely American tradition.

To your credit, Mr. Conklin, your commentary reads as good-natured and cognizant of the venue. You even offer credit where it is clearly due -- the hockey mom and styrofoam column lines were perfectly delivered.

The comments to your blog, however, are narrow-minded, prejudiced, hate-filled dreck.

Impressed by Senator Obama seeking "common, sane gound" on guns and abortion? Why? Because of the boldness of the initiative? Are you equally wowed by declarations that lollipops are tasty?

Governor Palin is "white trash"? Why? Because she hunts and loves her children? I don't think I'm cosmopolitan enough to understand why those are bad things.

Taking a more measured look at the overall situation, it seems unlikely that the McCain/Palin ticket will prevail in November. Nonetheless, it seems equally unlikely that we've heard the last of this gun-toting hockey-mom.

In fact, if she has the stomach to wade through the hate -- as I suspect she does -- it is altogether likely that last night's speech was the coming out party for America's first female president.
Anonymous said…
Lollipops are, in fact, tasty...but Bill Sheahan is not.

Ya missed the point of the hate comment. I'm not into hate. I hate feeling this emotion. But I can't help myself given the pathetic dreck that has been forced down my throat for the last 8 years by the RNC.

Offshore drilling for oil to ease our addiction?

Community organizers don't have "actual responsibilities"?

Yes, these are lovely sentiments...if you are willing to turn off your inquisitive brain and enjoy the show. But isn't it pathetic that this is even tolerated in our political discourse?

As for Obama seeking common ground--yes, Bill, that was COMPLETELY RADICAL. Turn on the freakin' TV...find me one politician willing to find common ground on abortion or guns. It might seem like common sense to you--after all, you are clearly enlightened--but it ain't common sense to our leaders in government (or the 93% white crowd hanging out in the Xcel Center).

Feeling vilified?

Hope so.

Bee Slippers
Marc Conklin said…
Now now. We're all good people here. The bash fest was clearly last night. Palin's speech was 90 percent "bash." Why she gets a total pass on that I don't understand. Let's face it, bashing is "good sport" when you agree with the basher, and it's simply not helpful when you don't. I liked McCain's speech tonight (except for his total ignoring of climate change and very serious environmental/energy issues). It takes a lot of guts to stand in front of your own delegates and say your party has gone astray. I only wish he had chosen a VP that measured up to his own standards.
Anonymous said…
McCain was pressured by the Neo-cons and Christian conservatives to throw in Palin to their base. That's clear from the slice-n-dice vetting "process" (I mean, good god, McCain had much longer to think about a running mate than Obama. Experience, yes, judgment? Uh....)
Ted said…
In Alaska they call them Snow Machines. Don't know why but its a universal term up there for what we know as snowmobiles.
Bill Sheahan said…
Bee Slippers is right that the unjustifiable hatred on display in these comments is actually attributable to only a few posters (see cookielady and p.lazarus). But the claim that Senator Obama's call for common ground on guns and abortion is "completely radical" shows that Slippers has been drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid.

Seeking "common ground on guns and abortion" is as much a part of Democratic orthodoxy as promoting a "culture of life and personal freedom" is a part of Republican orthodoxy. Both are as euphemistic and rhetorical as "reaching across the aisle" or "serving the peoples' interests". If your guy is talking, they are bold proclamations of his commitment to progress. If the other guy (or gal) is talking, they are they same old tired promises.

One relevant example: consider for a second why John McCain is criticized for "totally ignoring" the energy crisis despite making fervent calls for increased use of nuclear power, clean coal, wind, solar and electric vehicles while Barack Obama is praised for the wisdom of his proposed energy solution, which has as its key centerpiece a multi-billion dollar gift of taxpayer money to car companies to incent them to do what they should have done (and what Toyota did) 30 years ago? The answer is that those criticizing/praising the competing policies eschew actual analysis of the policies themsleves in favor of jumping on board with the person (or party) they have already decided to support.

Skepticism is healthy, particularly when it's based on past performance. But hyper-partisan pre-judgement is the trap that needs to be avoided if we are to have any hope of moving beyond the current stalemate.
Anonymous said…
Well said, Bill.
Marc Conklin said…
I guess we've come full circle. If hyperpartisanism is the problem, then (aside from its entertainment value for its intended audience), we can all agree that the Palin speech was part of the problem, not the solution. And any truly objective observer would come to the conclusion that hyperpartisan speeches were far more plentiful at the RNC than the DNC, with the refreshing exception of John McCain himself.
Bill Sheahan said…
With Conklin arguing that McCain is the savior of his party and the solution to partisan gridlock, we truly have come full circle.

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