The Accidental Band Name Generator

Starting about a year ago, after my agency did a promotion that included creating a email address that went to me, I started to receive strange spam.

The topic wasn't unusual or original... BUY THIS PENNY STOCK NOW, BE A GARBILLIONAIRE TOMORROW! But the utter nonsense of the subject lines intrigued me--so much so that I didn't bother telling our IT department to shut down the address. It was obviously the latest way to circumnavigate spam filters. The day had long since passed when you could write "You've got to see this!" in a subject line and expect NOT to get snared like so many dolphins in a tuna net.

I quickly realized what a fantastic band name generator this spam was. So on my birthday (a day when I'm feeling old but not profound), I thought I'd list the best from the hundreds I've received. (I'll eventually reveal my overall favorite, but if anyone out there is listening, I'd like your opinion, too.)

anguished sandblast
breathtaking pervert
casualty skillet
condemnation bungalow
continuation vertigo
deviant mayonnaise
evaporation mystery
gorgeous curfew
hump strategically
I am stuck in a sandwich
intermission cola
itchy output
junk food insult
loiter roast
nausea blacktop
slaughter gavin macleod
snuggle streak
sponge cake engraving
the out of
thingamajig succulent


cookielady said…
Without a doubt, the winner is "Nausea Blacktop," because it conjures up so many fond and horrible memories. And I like a band I can connect with.
Anonymous said…
the out of is the best o' the bunch. junk food insult the funniest.
Michael said…
I'm partial to "Itchy Output"
Bellamy Grant said…
I have to go with Thingamajig Succulent. Even a non-English speaker could hear the beauty in that one.
Vegas Gopher said…
I'm partial to "Slaughter Gavin MacLeod." Especially since his character on the Mary Tyler Moore show was named Murray Slaughter. And because after repeated viewings of The Love Boat, that's what any sane person would want to do.
Brian said…
I'm going to have to go with Junk Food Insult. I actually kinda like it. Then again... I wear Zubaz and listen to Stryper in the closet.
fab4fan said…
I like Deviant Mayo, Itchy Output and Junk Food Insult. I was going to impart the bit of trivia about Murray Slaughter on MTM, thinking I was the only one who would know that, but Vegas Gopher beat me to it.
Anonymous said…
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