Don't Get Cocky

First, there was ScreenplayGate: I felt pretty good about "Deadbeat Boyfriends," thought I had a decent shot at the McKnight Fellowship, then found out that not only did I not make the finals, but I lost to a vampire movie.

Then there was today.

I headed to Life Time Fitness over lunch with my new racquetball racket in tow. I purchased the Ektelon Triple Threat with the aid of a Sports Authority gift card from my parents (a birthday present). Tired of ellipital machines, and knowing that I'll be feasting over lunch tomorrow at a new Brazilian steakhouse, I thought it wise to test out the new racket and work up a little sweat. I've been slowly getting back into racquetball over the last few months, playing against a designer in our office who has proven to be fairly easy prey. (His nickname is "The Hurricane"; I've boasted that I've turned him into more of a tropical storm the two times we've played.)

That's when Brad arrived.

He knocked on the glass door and asked if I was waiting for anyone. "No," I said, instantly suspicious (of what, I don't know). "Want to get in a game, then?" he asked. Considering how lame it would sound to say "no, I just want to hit around by myself like a loser," I agreed to one game.

It was 14-1 before I rallied for a meager 3 points to make it not-quite-so-unrespectable for a 14-4 loss.

Never get cocky. There's always a Brad out there knocking on the door, and he might be a vampire.


Yep, always a Brad out there. Could become the new watchword of '07:

"Hey, watchout for Brad!"

"Dude, don't look now. Incoming Brad at three o'clock."

"Think it'll fly? I have only one word for you: Brad."
Anonymous said…
how 'bout: "we had it made, until Brad showed up."
The Wordman said…
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The Wordman said…
was just remembering a cult leader by the name of Brad I'd heard of in Santa Cruz -- now, there are some cults you read about and think, well, I can kind of see someone throwing their life away and joining up (I mean, who wouldn't want to be lord of their own planet, if the Mormons were really on to something?) -- but how sad is it to have to be deprogrammed from the "cult of Brad"?

here's hoping the next time you go racquet-to-racquet with the guy, you stick it to your Brad and make all the non-Brads out there proud.
Vegas Gopher said…
I wondered what Mr. Radke was doing now that he's retired. I guess after inflating the egos of so many American League power hitters, he's taken it upon himself to deflate the egos of would-be racquetball stars.
Ted said…
I have a friend who is the same guy. He likes to play racquetball because he doesn't lose. So I make him play basketball with me to make me feel better.

You just need to challenge Brad to a writing competition. That will restore you pride.

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