Brad Part Deux

I've been giving more thought to this whole "Brad" thing, and the conspiracy is thickening. I mean, is it any accident that "brad" is the common name of the brass fastener that is used to bind a screenplay?

And what about this: One of the McKnight finalists is a guy named Michael Starrbury. I've never met him, but I hear he's a nice, young guy. He's already won a McKnight, and word is, he's very, very talented. His finalist screenplay is called, "A Life Supreme," and from all indications, it sounds like he's created some kind of filmic version of John Coltraine's "A Love Supreme," a work so revered it even has its own church in California. This guy has balls.

The only other contest I've heard from so far is Script P.I.M.P. The first thing they do is announce random winners of a bunch of trinkets and trash before they really start evaluating screenplays. They announced these random winners on May 16. Who was among the RANDOM winners chosen from thousands of entries? Michael Starrbury.

One of my favorite parts of "Being John Malkovich" is how Craig (John Cusack) is haunted by the success of Derek Mantini, a fellow puppeteer who does showy stunts like operating a five-story marionette of Emily Dickinson. Then there's Salieri in "Amadeus," who is continually foiled by the pesky, plucky Mozart.

I am therefore changing my name to Craig Salieri. I'll just call you Brad.


We had a guy come in at the behest of one of my former company's CEO to "fix things" in the editorial and marketing depts.

You guessed it.

We ended up calling him "Bad Brad."

I think you're on to something, Craig.
Bellamy Grant said…
Who is Stephen Dashboard?
Oops, sorry. Maupin. I'm trying to put together a Bloomsday blog and that was my web de plume.

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