Click in a Box

Today, I've decided to take advantage of this wonderful new "technology" as part the "Interwebs" that allows you to use your "mouse" and "click" on something to find out more "about" it.

To buy the brilliantly original and transcendentally offbeat notepad novella, "Poison Pad," created by friend and screenwriting mentor, Dave Kunz, as promoted by the guy who used to be the bass player in Low, click here!

To see how Irish people react in the face of a flood, click here!

To stroke my ego, click here!

To buy a super fascinating book that successfully explodes the ego of the entire human species, click here!

To download a pdf of the essay I published in Water~Stone last year, which I only recently found out is available online, click here! (and scroll down to Creative Nonfiction).

To watch the Saturday Night Live faux music video with Justin Timberlake that gives this post its name, and which has now been viewed more than 25 million times and is still funny, click the YouTube thingy below!


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