It Ain't Altman, but...

It does the trick. This is the music video of one of this summer's best weekends, our trip to Duluth, the Northern Rail B&B and Gooseberry Falls a few weeks ago... set to the tune that gives "Bye Bye Shadowlands" its name.


The Wordman said…
holy mackerel! send that to the Duluth Tourist Board! I've never been so excited to be within driving distance of Duluth in my life!!

no, really, this is a great piece of film -- was the trip as nice as it looks?
Yes, looks wonderful. And fun.

You realize I'm odd, so I thought of riffing on your heading. Here goes:

"It Ain't Altman, but..."

" least this director is living."
" has a limited cast and crew."
" couldn't get Lohan now if you tried."
"...the language is cleaner."
"...drug use was non-existent." (?)
"...then again, suicide IS painless."

I'll give it a rest.
Bellamy Grant said…
"... it's still a dense but rewarding ensemble piece."

Yes, it was fun. Heck, you could trick someone into thinking Lake Superior is the "Mediterranean of the Midwest." And as soon as we reach 550 ppm carbon in the atmosphere, it will be! (Then we'll siphon it all to Phoenix.)
Anonymous said…
Unquestionably a masterpiece. My favorite part was when the ingenue gave the intrusive camera person the Heisman for personal space encroachment.

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